Who Ate My Cake?

A sheet music adventure and game

Entering the kitchen of Cherrywood Castle you discover a crime scene! At around 2 p.m. on Thursday the cook made the King’s favourite cake and left it on the table … BUT it has disappeared without a trace! Can you solve the mystery using the printable sheet music and accompanying online interactive castle game?

Music teachers can add their own students to play this mystery

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Learning has never been so much fun!

This adventure is available in a choice of two levels for piano (beginner or early elementary) and also for treble instruments like the fluteclarinet, or saxophone. Students immerse themselves in the story with six original tunes to learn.

‘Suspicious Statues’ from the Early Elementary Piano version

Six tunes to learn

Who Ate My Cake includes a printable sheet music book (with clues hidden inside!) to keep forever so you can play your favourite tunes from the mystery as many times as you like! There are six pieces to learn and the book comes in a PDF format for easy printing after checkout.

Three online chapters

Search the castle using three online interactive chapters playable on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Find out more about each of the suspects as you open doors and unravel the mystery. You will have access to Cherrywood Castle for six months from the date of purchase (plenty of time to solve the crime).

Case Files and Suspects

Can you solve the mystery by working out the identity of the thief? Keep track with a handy set of Case Files and rule out the suspects one by one. Successful investigators automatically unlock a printable certificate.

Who was seen hanging around the kitchen door just before the crime took place and why are Freddie and Fiona so upset with the King? Budding detectives make notes on a special case files sheet as they conduct their investigation.

This music theory mystery comes in three versions; a student licence, a studio licence for music teachers or the option of setting up teaching groups. It works great during in person lessons and online teaching using platforms like Zoom or Skype. Simply open a web browser on your computer, laptop or tablet, select a chapter and play!

Susan Leigh MA LRSM LLCM FISM – Music teacher and creator of the games

Happy music teachers and students

Thank you for the welcome and for the amazing resource you have created. I am excited to try it with my students this year.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I just love your website! I use it with all my online students. Thank you!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Your website looks brilliant. Just the way that my pupils would engage with

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rule out the suspects one by one

Discover clues and hidden evidence by searching the castle!

Using in music lessons

All six tunes have been composed by an experienced teacher of over twenty years.

‘Suspicious Statues’ from the Early Elementary Piano version
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