Studio: Revise for Five

A collection of online music games set at grade five theory level. Practice topics like intervals, scales, transposition and more while playing games like ‘Heist’ or ‘Escape The School’. Perfect for the ABRSM syllabus but works equally well with any path of study.

Revise for Five is playable on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and is available with a ‘Student’ or ‘Studio‘ licence. The ‘Studio‘ version for teachers includes bonus games and resources and is perfect for music lessons.

All work well during in person lessons and many are ideal for online teaching using platforms like Zoom or Skype. Simply open a web browser on your computer, laptop or tablet, select a game and play!

Music games in Revise for Five


Reg is robbing the museum but only the best musical detectives can stop him! Includes questions on scales (major, harmonic and melodic minors, and scale degrees)

Escape The School

Locked in the school, the only way out is to follow the musical clues! Is escape possible?!

Perfect Potions

Mix the perfect potion or watch it explode in this game about note values. Includes groups of notes such as triplets or duplets.


Go trekking in the jungle and practice intervals (includes diminished, minor, major, perfect and augmented intervals)

Weather Wheel

Spin the wheel but watch out for thunder and lightening. Questions are on transposition (major 2nd, minor 3rd and perfect 5th)

Paradise Island

Save the island from pirates by answering questions about ‘instruments and voices’ or grade 5 ‘musical terms’

Tropical Treasure

Climb the ruins to search for the ‘Lost Stones’ in this chords and cadences game.

Studio: Lava Caves

This game is only available in the ‘Studio’ pack. Customise the questions by using the drag and drop tools as your students collect gold and avoid the dynamite!

Studio: Music-illionaire

This game is only available in the ‘Studio’ pack. Can your student become a (virtual!) ‘Music-illionaire’ by answering all the questions correctly?

Topics include intervals from any note including diminished, minor, major, perfect and augmented; chords and cadences with the choice of suitable chords (tonic, supertonic, subdominant, and dominant) to form cadences in a simple melody (keys of C, G, D or F); time values and time signatures; use of any of the four clefs (treble, bass, alto and tenor); scales and key signatures up to and including six sharps and flats; degrees of the scale (tonic, supertonic etc.); transposition up or down a major 2nd, minor 3rd or perfect 5th; terms and signs including ornaments; instruments of the orchestra

Bonus resources for teachers

The ‘Studio’ version of Revise for Five for teachers includes the following PDF bonus resources:

  • Two extra games ‘Lava Caves’ and ‘Music-illionaire’
  • Printable and colourful ‘Heist’ and ‘Lava Caves’ leaderboard templates where you can record how many times your student wins. A great way to keep students practising and getting better at music theory!
  • Pin up the ‘Music-illionaire’ poster as a hall of fame for students who succeed in winning
  • Three colourful music words posters with grade 5 level terms (follows the ABRSM syllabus but great for any musician at this level)
  • A musical terms crossword

As their teacher you know your students well – and which areas they need to practice. This is why we have included a customisable teaching game in the ‘Studio’ version called ‘Lava Caves’, ideal to test many different question types. Drag the notes to make major or minor scales, test intervals (includes accidental signs), check knowledge of alto or tenor clefs, make chord questions – or anything else you wish using the inbuilt tools.