Studio: Beginner Reader

A collection of online music games ideal for beginner sight-reading. Music teachers can drag a set of notes up or down the stave into position, and customise the reading exercises for the individual. Includes a bonus companion printable piano book to replace the in-built question tools when students are ready for more.

Studio: Beginner Reader is playable on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All work well during in person lessons and many are ideal for online teaching using platforms like Zoom or Skype. Simply open a web browser on your computer, laptop or tablet, select a game and play!

Collect treasure without waking up the lion in ‘Don’t Wake Lenny’ or fly Sally the ‘Supercow’ to complete her flight training.

Music theory games

Don’t Wake Lenny

Collect as many precious gems as you dare – but don’t wake Lenny the sleeping lion! Includes an in-built leaderboard. Demo further down the page!

Garbage Monsters

Are you brave enough to turn over the next monster bin? Collect points in this leaderboard game – just don’t find a red monster!

Fruit Ninja

Fly the little watermelon to safety and avoid the fruit ninjas. A game of perfect timing!

King and the Thief

Creep through the castle corridor reclaiming the treasure King John stole – but don’t wake up the dozing Knights

Treasure in the Desert

There are snakes lurking in the desert! Collect coins to win … but are you brave enough to keep going without escaping?


Fly Sally the Supercow through the obstacles and complete her flight training. Just try not to give her a headache! Includes an in-built leaderboard.

Don’t Catch the Penguins

The title says it all! Collect as many gems as possible but watch out for those sliding penguins.


Shoot some hoops to score points. The longer you wait the more points you score – but don’t wait too long or the timer runs out!

Bonus Resources

This pack includes a set of colourful and printable leaderboard templates and a bonus companion piano book for beginners (includes sight-reading exercises in five finger positions).

“As a teacher the drag and drop notes are incredible! I love how I can tailor it to the range of notes a beginner knows, or focus on a particular set of notes that are recent and relevant”.

Music Teacher

There are so many ways music teachers can use the games in this pack. The only limit is imagination!

  • Six games have draggable notes which you can move into any position on the stave. Take the complexity out of reading and ask students to play the short line of notes in free time.
  • Two games include some simple rhythms (1, 2, 3 and 4 beat notes) and time signatures which can be dragged on to the stave.
  • All the exercises are marked by the teacher with scores out of five. This is added to the total game score.
  • The in-built exercises can easily be replaced with any sight-reading of your choice (including the bonus book) when your beginner student is ready for more.

This music pack comes with a PDF file of printable and colourful leaderboard templates for extra fun and motivation for your students! Increase engagement by setting up a leaderboard challenge and pin up on your studio wall