Studio: Beat The Teacher

Challenge your music students to beat you!

A collection of ‘teacher versus student’ online music games set at grade one theory level. Practice topics like time signatures, tonic triads, pitch, intervals and more while playing games like ‘Goo The Teacher’ or ‘Paper Plane’. Includes a colourful studio challenge poster to pin up in your music room.

Increase motivation and engagement in music lessons

Play on a computer, tablet, laptop or smarphone

Find out who is the best thrower in ‘Paper Plane’ or stop your student turning you into a monster in ‘Potion Peril’! A collection of fun online games pitting student against teacher.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

All my students are now thoroughly addicted! The games are fantastic!

— Music Teacher

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am terribly impressed with your web-based games and the high-quality graphics that are compelling for the kids.  I have recommended your studio package in some of the piano teacher forums that I am in

— Music Teacher

Music games in this online pack

Goo The Teacher

A fast paced game where teacher and student take it in turns to be under the goo machine. Just don’t be under it when it goes off! Choose to practice treble or bass clef notes

Potion Peril

Your student wants to turn you into a monster! But only if they can find the potion … so make sure you hide it well. A time values game including 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, and 4 beat notes as well as dotted notes.

Path of Doom

Who can walk the furthest along the path of doom? Uses time signatures of 2, 3 and 4 beats in a bar plus note groupings in these time signatures.

Paper Plane

Throw your paper plane the furthest to win. Key signatures of C, G, D and F major in both treble and bass clefs

Hide The Penguin

A game of hide and seek but with penguins! Intervals (numbers only) in the keys of C, G, D and F major

Runaway Pirate

You have runaway to become a pirate! Only your student can save you and return you to the music room where you belong. Scales in the keys of C, G, D and F major

Spin for Apples

It can be tough down at the fruit farm – particularly when you lose all your apples. A tones and semitones game.

Amazing Strength

Take a trip to the fair and see who is stronger! Uses tonic triads in the keys of C, G, D and F major in both treble and bass clefs.

Race to Finish

Can students answer all their questions about music terms and signs before you reach the finish line? But will you be on a bike or in a racing car?!

Planet Semiquaver

You have turned into an alien and want to invade Planet Semiquaver … but can your student stop you with their knowledge of terms and signs?

Bonus Resources

This pack also includes a printable set of resources such as a ‘Beat The Teacher’ studio leaderboard, certificate template, and a poster of music terms and signs.

The games in this music pack have been designed for teachers to use in music lessons. All work well during in person lessons and many are ideal for online teaching using platforms like Zoom or Skype. Simply open a web browser on your computer, laptop or tablet, select a game and play!

Grade one level theory topics in a fun package

Created by experienced music teacher

  • All the games work well for in person lessons
  • Most are perfect for online teaching but ‘Amazing Strength’ and ‘Paper Plane’ are better in person. Use a platform like Zoom or Skype to share your screen with students.
  • This pack is ideal if following the ABRSM grade one theory syllabus but works equally well with any syllabus or method of study that you choose to follow.

Set up a studio wide challenge

This pack comes with a printable and colourful ‘Beat The Teacher’ leaderboard template where you can record how many times your student wins. A great way to keep students practising and getting better at music theory!