Note Genius

Are you a ‘Note Genius’?

This is a fun note naming challenge in the treble clef designed to test your brain! Unlock the genius codes, move up the levels and prove you are a ‘Note Genius’

Interactive online note puzzles

Playable on a tablet, laptop, computer or smartphone

Unlock all the ‘genius codes’ in each quiz to move up the levels, earn your certificate and complete the challenge! Each of the six levels gets progressively harder and when you reach the final challenge find yourself up against the clock where you really need to know your note names to succeed.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Really good, enjoying the challenge

— Music Student

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is fun but very challenging

— Music Student

Music teachers can add their own students

This challenge pack comes with two options; a student licence, or the option for music teachers to set up teaching groups and track activity. To set up a teaching group sign up for a free teacher account.

Can you ‘Spin for Chips’?

Created by experienced music teacher

Every quiz and level in Note Genius is different and fully interactive. So much more than multiple choice, questions get you dragging, dropping, spinning, beating the clock, completing note ‘jigsaws’, throwing dice and even drawing on screen!

Designed for all ages with a puzzle style feel, each level has its own theme or topic. Some include a few light-hearted quizzes like ‘Spin for Chips’ or ‘Pineapple Dice’. You could even take on the ‘Card Master’ or avoid the cats in ‘Cupcakes’.

  • Level one is all about the notes in the spaces of the stave
  • Level two covers the notes on the lines of the stave
  • Level three are all musical words puzzles
  • Level four includes some card games
  • Level five is about finding musical patterns
  • Level six is up against the clock

Compete against the world!

Some of the activities in Note Genius include an in-built leaderboard. Can you get the best score?