Music Games by Learnatune

For music teachers and students worldwide

Created by experienced teacher, Susan Leigh MA LRSM LLCM FISM (@learnatune)

Studio Packs for Music Teachers

Perfect for making lessons fun and engaging. Check out the customisable games in a pack like ‘Flashcard Fun’ or take advantage of a discount and become a ‘Studio Teacher’.

Music Mystery Adventures

A collection of fun mysteries. The Blue Raven is a grade one level theory adventure which combines an online game with written worksheets. Or check out the Lost Diamond and Who Ate My Cake; two sheet music and online game mysteries!

Music Theory Challenges and Games

Play ‘Piranha Peril’ or ‘Robot Rebellion’ to complete the note naming challenge in Notecracker, or test your grade five theory knowledge in Codebreaker by unlocking all the codes!

Music Theory Downloadable Games and Resources

Printable fun games on theory topics like note values, rhythm, piano keys, dynamics and more (most are available in Tim Topham’s Top Music Co marketplace). Check out Tempo Galaxy, a music practice incentive program based in space!